Hi, I'm Jacob

I'm a full stack systems engineer from Alberta

Hexagon Game Platform

Hexagon is a mobile game platform for card based games. The engine allows players to connect from their own devices -- or even share devices if they want to pass them around -- and play round after round of minigames. These minigames are coded as Hexagon Modules and once uploaded to the platform can be loaded as easily as drawing from a deck of cards.

Assets System

Assets is an enterprise grade inventory management system. Import libraries of items, sign them out to employees or customers, and print detailed reports tracking transactions and billables.

Firecup Party Game

Firecup is an online party game in the style of King's Cup with thousands of cards, challenges, traps, and actions. I am currently converting it to a Hexagon Module.

Magic Fireball

The Magic Fireball is like a Magic 8-Ball for drinking game rules and challenges. Shake the ball, get a rule.


Masquerade was an anonymous social network much like a combination of Yik Yak and Reddit. While initially popular, the community grew toxic and the site had to be shut down after only a few months.

Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted is a puzzle platformer flash game sponsored by AddictingGames with over 2 million views worldwide

I'm available for hire; get in touch