New Theme: Iris

I started on a new theme last night based on the old antiquated Pixel theme that was super popular after it came out eight years ago. This will be a free theme so I will be posting the link here in a few days when it is mostly complete.

Plugin: Reddit Featured

Reddit Featured is a WordPress plugin that allows you to feature any Reddit thread on your blog or website. Use it to embed a customizable widget that displays the original post and top comments of any Reddit post. Whether you want off-site commenting or just to share a post you’re discussing, it’s just one line […]

Devlog: Reddit Widget

I’m building a widget that allows me to link my blog posts to threads on Reddit. When it’s done, I should be able to view the top two or three comments and click through to the original post. At the moment I’m building this as an extension of my current theme, but I’ll cut it […]

Project Post Mortem – Masquerade

Masquerade wasn’t so much a project as it was a timesink. What it was, and what it was meant to be, changed constantly. I started with a vague idea and moved toward a vague result. From a dating site, to an anonymous social network, to an ephemeral reddit style message board; I truly understand this […]

Project Post Mortem – PokeAlert

When Pokemon Go was released, it took the world by storm. Where once there were thugs and ruffians roaming the streets, flocks of pokemon trainers would scamper about into the endless hours of the morning. Rather than let them be, I decided to write a helper app that would allow them to log the locations […]

Why most small businesses have useless websites

Everyone else is doing it. This is the age of the World Wide Web — where everyone has a website and first impressions are everything. And in this world of Haves, being a Have-Not can keep your precious customers at bay. But websites are expensive; they cost money and time, and so what if your […]